Inevitable Features Of White Label Exchange Software That You Should Demand

Inevitable Features Of White Label Exchange Software That You Should Demand

Do you really planning to build a centralized cryptocurrency exchanges then probably searching for an exchange development company who can help you to build white label exchange software.

If so, then it is not hard to get an exchange development company but the very best part which concerns a lot is what features you should leverage in exchange software, which can really grab more traders attention.

Here are a few highlights on the same which may answer your all queries.

Features of white label exchange software

Every centralized cryptocurrency exchange has some common component. Without it, it won’t be easy for any exchange to run flawlessly.

● Wallet

● User Interface

● Trading Engine

● Admin Control

But in addition to this, there are few features which a trader seeking in every exchange to get more interest in the use of cryptocurrency exchange.

Spot Trading

In simple mean on the spot, trading means if on real-time any trader wants to place an order and willing to buy or sell any cryptocurrency than that should be available for the trader.

Crypto Trading Pair

Make sure within an exchange trader should have the facility to trade his own holding against the very famous market Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Payment Gateway and Wallet

How can you miss a separate deposit address for each of the cryptos within an exchange which ensure the safety and security of the funds.

Never miss having the ability to provide payment gateway service in case if any trader wants to deposit or withdraw fiat out from an exchange.

Above are just a few highlights but to get you more detailed ideas on what any exchange software should have, we recommend to read our detailed guide.

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