White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software — Your Master-Key To High Income

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

If you are a cryptocurrency investor or willing to invest in holding of cryptocurrency, but wondering how much ROI white label cryptocurrency exchange software owners are making from their exchanges, this guide is just made for you.

Here we will highlight all the different revenue streams through which most of the bitcoin exchanges are making a million-dollar income.

This will surprise you that in one Bloomberg report Coinbase has reported a profit of close to $460 million, and Binance has reported close to $200 million in 2018.

So let me highlight, what are the different ways to make income from the white label crypto exchange platform.

Trading Fees

Trading fee is the primary source of income for almost every exchange as it helps traders to place buy or sell orders, and with every successful transaction they have to pay trading fees of around 0.1–3% depending on the platform they are trading on.

If an exchange has a large volume of active traders, they could expect a high probability of making more trading commission.

Deposit and withdrawal fees

Almost every exchange, offers a free deposit for cryptocurrency but what if you are willing to buy cryptocurrency using the fiat currency (USD, GBP, EUR).

Yes, in that case, you have to pay a minimum of $10$ or 5% whatever is maximum as conversion fees.

In a similar way, if you are willing to withdraw cryptocurrency from a cryptocurrency exchange software then you have to pay a withdrawal fee of around 0.1%

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